2nd March 2022 – John o’Groats

Today was very windy and with the windchill made it feel below freezing. Out of the wind it was actually quite nice, but that didn’t happen much as there was very little shelter.

This was also the last of the road walking (thank goodness!) and the end of section 1 (I have broken the whole route into sections and subsections to make the planning easier and have more targets and milestones for both Eve and me).

The road walking was quick though, and aided by not wanting to stop because of the wind we kept a good steady pace and arrived in John o’ Groats shortly after 12. The idea was always for a short day but I didn’t quite think it would be this short.

The road wasn’t too busy but for every vehicle that came past us we stepped off the road onto the verge and I held onto Eve. Normally she doesn’t like being held, but she was awesome and didn’t moan about it once! I am genuinely so proud of her.

Ian & Eve – John o’Groats, 2nd March 2022
Eve & Ian, 2nd March 2022

One good thing about finishing early is we had lunch with Sarah which I really liked as I do miss her so much on the all the walks I do either on my own or with Eve.

We had a quick look around John o’Groats and got the iconic picture with the white sign that has been the start or end point for many end to end thru hikers!

I did say I would try and do another video today, but the wind was so bad at John o’ Groats I decided not to as I don’t think you would have heard anything except wind noise.

Also again (I know I’m like a broken record) but THANK YOU for all the help, comments, messages, emails and support we have had. It’s absolutely amazing and THANK YOU to absolutely everybody!!!

Tomorrow the weather is meant to be raining as we start heading south, and we also start backpacking tomorrow too. The bags are going to be heavy and the trail (there is no trail to start off with) gets a lot more interesting (and harder) but we’re both very excited to get to this milestone. We also say goodbye to Sarah tomorrow too as she heads home.

Keep safe everybody and have a good night!

All the best

Ian & Eve

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Eve & Ian, 2nd March 2022
Eve, 2nd March 2022
Eve, 2nd March 2022
Eve, 2nd March 2022
Eve, 2nd March 2022
Eve, March 2022
Eve, 2nd March 2022

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